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What You Should Look For In An HVAC Company In Ripon, WI

Are you looking for an HVAC company in Ripon, WI? There are several HVAC companies in the area to choose from. However, one shouldn't settle for the first team that they see. A lot of thought has to be put into the process of choosing the company to work with. HVAC systems are vital in our homes, and we should ensure that we have the best always. Working with a mediocre company means you will get mediocre results in the end. It would be best if you looked for particular things in the team that you are working with.

Several things will show you whether the team you are choosing is the right one for you. The set qualities will help to discern a great team that will offer stellar services and satisfaction, while lack of quality will mean that the services may be below par. It would be best if you didn't settle for less as an HVAC system is a significant investment. Here are some of the things you should look for when hiring an HVAC company in Ripon, WI.

Ripon HVAC Services

HVAC Services in Ripon

  • Furnace Repair, Replacement, Sales & Installation
  • Boiler Repair, Replacement, Sales & Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement, Sales & Installation
  • Air Purification & Humidification
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Sheet Metal and Ductwork Fabrication
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Licensed and Insured Team

Working with a team that is licensed and insured is vital. A licensed team means that it has proven to be at par with the expectations for the particular service. An insured team is vital as insurance can help to deal with any liabilities that can occur in the time of service. A team that is both licensed and insured in Ripon, WI, is Martens Heating. We provide the best HVAC services possible to our clients. We have earned our license through hard work and determination. Our insurance is in place to ensure that no liability goes unanswered. Trust us to provide the best services possible for you.


Emergency Services

When getting HVAC services, you should ensure that you are working with a usually available team during emergencies. No one knows when their system can stop working. In that sense, an emergency team will help no matter what time of the day or night is. Martens Heating is a team that works on an emergency basis. We are available 24/7 just in case something goes wrong with your HVAC system. We work swiftly and fast to ensure that the problem is sorted out in no time. We take pride in working in emergency services, and we are always ready to serve you. No matter what our or day it is.

Experienced Team

Experience is something that cannot be overlooked. Experience means that the team is adept in what they are doing as they have done it for a long time. As far as experience goes, Martens Heating is the dream team. We are in the second generation of ownership, and the combined experience is encouraging. For over 40-years, we have been providing HVAC services to the people of Ripon, WI. We have learned a lot in our tenure, and we are constantly looking to improve our services. You can trust us to give you stellar performance as our experience has taught us all the ins and outs of the job. Our experience in dealing with HVAC systems is unmatched in the city.



Martens Heating is a team that is loved by the community. One of the things that have made that so is because of our affordability. One doesn't have to go deep into their savings to get services from us. We are a team that gives out all our services and products at reasonable prices. We know that an HVAC system is a significant investment, and we ensure that you get value for your money. We also have payment plans for those who are not able to pay the fees one time. If you want the best at a low cost, we are the team to work with.

Knowledgeable Professionals

Whenever you are looking for a team to work with, you should ensure that they know what they are doing. Any slight mishaps in an HVAC system and can be severely damaged, costing you more than it should. Martens Heating is a team that has knowledgeable professionals. All our employees are skilled and well-trained to give the best HVAC services possible. Our knowledge has been trickling down for over 40-years, and our team has learned about all the best practices that have to deal with HVAC systems. Repairs, replacement, and maintenance, we can do it all.

Local Business

If you are in Ripon, WI, you should work with a team that is based in the city. There are several advantages of working with a team that is locally owned and operated. Martens Heating is a local company of Ripon, WI, and stretches its services to neighboring cities. Being a team that was made in the community, we have the right amount of attachment to compel us to do the best work possible. We love our community, and we like to see the people grow. Providing stellar services is our way of saying thank you and giving back.


Get a Free Estimate Today

Martens Heating understands that one cannot have an impulse buy on an HVAC system. That can be too costly. Whenever you are looking for a service, you can request an estimate beforehand. We give free estimates, which will help you to prepare for the service financially. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our estimates are usually exact, and no added costs will be there on the day of performing the service.

Ripon, WI

About Ripon, WI

Ripon () is a cathedral city in the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. The city is located at the confluence of two tributaries of the River Ure, the Laver and Skell. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the city is noted for its main feature, Ripon Cathedral, which is architecturally significant, as well as the Ripon Racecourse and other features such as its market. The city was originally known as Inhrypum. Bede records that Alhfrith, king of the Southern Northumbrian kingdom of Deira, gave land at Ripon to Eata of Hexham to build a monastery and the abbot transferred some of his monks there, including a young Saint Cuthbert who was guest-master at Ripon abbey. Both Bede in his Life of Cuthbert and Eddius Stephanus in his Life of Wilfred state that when Eata was subsequently driven out by Alhfrith, the abbey was given to Saint Wilfrid who replaced the timber church with a stone built church. This was during the time of the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria, a period during which it enjoyed prominence in religious importance in Great Britain. It was for a period under Viking control, and later suffered under the Normans. After a brief period of building projects under the Plantagenets, the city emerged with a prominent wool and cloth industry. Ripon became well known for its production of spurs during the 16th and 17th centuries, but would later remain largely unaffected by the Industrial Revolution.

Ripon, WI


Cristin Gonzales

Ryan was awesome!! Furnace not getting up to was clogged!! My maintenance! I was working from home on a headset so I couldn't talk to him. He did his thing.. .used whatever of mine he needed to without bothering me. He was awesome and understanding! And...for me this is a huge kudos.....he is the first service person in 21 years to shut off EVERY light when they are done!!!!! I almost appreciated that more than my heat!!! Lol

Tina Krueger

Great to work with! We had a new furnace, AC and thermostat installed. Showed up on time and everything works great. Very professional and extremely helpful.

Tawnie Winter

Jason was so helpful, we wouldn’t trust anyone else- he is truly the best!

Rudy LaKosh

Knowledgeable of our system Good parts availability. Pleasant tech.

Roger Siddons

Highly recommended. They are very professional and take time to explain options and issues. Friendly and easy to work with.

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